January 14, 2017


This is a concise book, mostly regarding stammering and stammering mindset .It shows people who stammer to approach their own stammer in a holistic manner. The language is simple and the book can be read in one go.This book can be a guide map for people who stammer, to be revisited whenever needed.It is not a quick-fix for stammering,but a help-book for an ongoing process.

January 13, 2017

Bangalore SHG January 08, 2017 meeting report

"God gives most difficult work to his most capable soldier".

When Arunima Sinha, a national level volleyball player, lost one of his legs in a train incident, the people around her thought her life is ending. But she accepted that as a challenge and conquered the Mount Everest. Now climbing various mountain peaks is her passion.

Karoly Takacs, a Hungarian-born 25m air pistol shooter, lost his right hand due to a faulty bullet, the fellow players thought his shooting career ends. But he secretly practiced with his left hand for one year and won the national championship as well as Olympic 1952 gold medal.

January 10, 2017

Happy New Year f.f.friends

             Every new year brings hope and joy to our lives. Our minds are full of New Year resolutions and hope of better future.. But, do we need to neglect the joys of our life-journeys in anticipation of reaching our destination, i.e. success?? What is life but just a journey!!
            For PWS like us , the enigma of  understanding stammering is analogous to humankind's search  of  God-both are extremely difficult to decode!! So we have no small task at hand.Hence, while dealing with ways to manage our stammer, let us not be in awe of our stammering all the time -lets focus on other aspects of life as well.How about spending time with our loved ones; taking a short vacation to unwind in the lap of  nature;or putting our level best to the immediate task-be it cooking a meal or solving a difficult mathematics problem; or reaching out to someone in need of our help.. 

Wish you all a happy new year.

P.S-You are welcome to share your feelings on TISA blog, preferably in Hindi or English.For any assistance kindly contact me at abhikumar.bsnl@gmail.com or Hemantji at janhem1008@gmail.com.


जीवन के 10 अमूल्यए दिन!!!

Vipassana means to see things as they are and not as we usually assume to be. It takes you to discover the truth by self and not through others.This is fundamental right of every soul.

Meditation with objective or desire to change is no meditation at all.

I attended Vipassana course from 21st Dec 2k16 to 01st Jan 2k17. Just a rising of  New Year with lot of positive vibrations.

The experience of "sound of silence" and spending time with yourself is an experience by itself.

You learn alot about yourself and also realise that the family and the world can move without you.

A person must go there with positive attitude and accept everything unconditionally.

The best feeling i got was feeling of oneness and resonance of self with nature. Words can't explain it, you have to experience to feel it.

Vivek Puri.

January 8, 2017

Even Though...

Even though sometime I doubt your generosity,
I will continue to trust your love.

Even though I often fear your justice,
I will continue to trust your compassion.

Even though I am old and weak,
I will keep on aspiring to the highest goal in life.

Even though I turn my face away, and get lost in the world,
I know you will seek me out eventually.

Even though it is a long journey,
I know when it is time to step off the train, you will hand me my ticket.

Even though my trials never end,
Your mercy forsakes me not.

Even though you have given me a Mind, to play with,
I will seek You beyond my thoughts, my fancies.

Even though you have given me Ages, to carry on my Play,
I will seek thee in this very Moment.

A lump of shapeless mud,
Revolving on the potter's wheel,
I wait for Thy touch.

(Christmas, 2016; Herbertpur)


Have you seen the woman, opening up a sweater?
And knitting it again into something else?

That is my Mother.
She has unravelled old sweaters of my desires..
And has made me a prayer mat!

When my life comes apart, when familiar desires seem insipid..
Mother promise, you will come - and hand me my prayer mat!

Ages will pass
Cosmos will wobble on..
But when I open my eyes
Promise me, You will still be there Mother,
Looking at me, next to my prayer mat!

December 31, 2016

ब्लॉग बंदी ?

"जैसे मोदी ने नोट बंदी की वैसे ही आपने ब्लॉग बंदी कर दी ! ये कैसी बात है? "
कमल का ये फीड बैक अपनी जगह सही था ! इस से पहले की मै अपनी वजहें रखता उसने और जोड़ा -
"हम में से कई लोग पुराने ब्लॉग पे ज्यादा सहज - (comfortable) - थे.. "

November 5, 2016


Mother and the baby played in a park. The baby ran all over- chasing the butterflies..
It stumbled all over the bushes, looked at trees as if they were people, enchanted and frozen ..

Then it was time to go home. Mother held baby's hand, looked up and down the street, and crossed.
The baby looked straight ahead. In fascination.

This is how, I hope to cross the street, when it is my time..


The baby played in the dirt - with great abandon.Then it was time for a bath.
Mother cajoled the baby into taking his upper off. But he wouldn't part with his nickers.

Mother pulled him into the tub. Some splashes and baby gave up all shame.
They splashed water over each other.. and the laughter was heard far off in the street.

That is how I will stand naked, bereft of shame, when it is my time..


It was a starlit night. Mother and baby sat at the doorsill.
She pointed out all the funny shapes moving and merging in the sky.

The baby was fascinated with fireflies and wanted to chase them.
But the baby was scared of the dark.

Finally mother took up the baby in her lap and stepped out in the lawn.
Fearless, the baby grabbed at fireflies now.

I too will step out in the night, when it is my time,
In full assurance that I am never alone.

November 3, 2016

Migration : Dont panic!

Friends, we encourage you to start contributing to our TISA website ( http://stammer.in/ ) by sending your announcements, stories, poems, case studies, write ups and pictures etc. to info@stammerindia.org or harishusgaonker@gmail.com .

September 21, 2016

Experience of Bhavana as this was her first NC...... "Man ki baatein"

Myself Bhavana Patil from Mumbai SHG.
It was my first NC.I was nervous and tense about NC as I was knowing very few people from Mumbai only.
But I after reaching Goa I felt a infinite comfort zone when Goa SHG people and other gave us warm welcome 😊.
Everyone was introducing themselves with "stammering and blocks".. Those blocks were making me more comfortable each time as there will be no1 to laugh at me😀
In NC,I met many experienced and well settled people. I was always having thinking that I can't do anything in my life due to stammering but after meeting those people my mind set have got changed in a positive way and I decided to work more hard towards my goal.🙋
The calm environment in Goa gave me time to think about me. Beaches were giving me inspiration you can do it ,don't quit.😤
Now,I had accepted myself as I am,I am no more hiding my stammering also working for improvement. There was a huge difference between Bhavana who has arrived to Goa🤐 and Bhavana who has departure  from Goa🗣.
Last one, I proudly tell my friend now I am having huge network of friends all over the India.. 🙆...

Thank you all for such a great experience ,I wish I will have more in future.. 😀 Happy to have you all🤗🤗.....

September 20, 2016

Skype calls Version 2

After NC I’m feeling enthusiastic and energetic or I can say “I born again”. So I was thinking that why not again I start our Skype calls. And touch base with pws all over the world.
Rules, regulations and some suggestion for better output from Skype calls,

1.      Be punctual  
2.      Mute your microphone (MIC) when someone is talking.
3.      If you’re calling from mobile please be sure it has to be 3G, 4g or WIFI. 2G won’t work properly.
4.      Sit in quiet place. So others can listen you properly.
5.      Don’t use abusive language because WWS also in the calls.
6.      If you want to leave the call. Message in the group then leave. So we can’t add you again and again.
7.      Last thing if your new member don’t think that you can see changes in 2-3 calls. You have to be regular for 6-8 months.

Activities during Skype calls,
  1. Introductions
  2. Round Robin Game
  3. Story Telling
  4. Role Play Game
  5. Story Making
  6. Group discussion
  7. Question & Answers
  8. Tongue Twister Reading
  9. Experience sharing
  10. Small Quiz Game
  11. Mock interviews
  12. Debates
  13. Prepared speeches
  14. One sentence story building
  15. Slow reading 
16.  Techniques for new members

If you don’t know how to install Skype then here you go (Copy paste from older post):

1)      Installing Skype -

(a) On Windows and Mac --
 Just download the installer from these links, double click on installer and install Skype

http://www.skype.com/intl/en/get-skype/on-your-computer/windows/  (For Windows)

http://www.skype.com/intl/en/get-skype/on-your-computer/macosx/ (For Mac)

(b) On Linux -- If you are on Debian based system like Ubuntu, simply run 

               "sudo apt-get install skype"

 in terminal and it will be installed in your system. If you are using any other distribution just email me with your Linux distribution name and I will guide you with steps to install Skype.

2) Login in to Skype-- Open Skype. If you do not have user name in Skype, first register for user name and then login. If you already have user name just type in user name and password and login to Skype.

Timings and Skype Id’s:

Place : Skype
Timing : 9:30pm to 11:00pm
Skype IDs,
Akash: akash_super1
Vikas: vikas.chauhan75
Abhishek: abhi.3561

Note: We are running Skype what’s app group also anyone wants to be part of that group ping Akash, Vikas or Abhishek. There you will get updates and every day’s agenda.

My email ID is akashdxt25@gmail.com

#एक छोटी सी पहल#

First of all I would like to thank to all the participants of TISA 6th National Conference and the organisers of the conference who made us feel that we all are family members and are supporting each other in the path of life and shall be standing along with each other in the ups and downs…

After attending the conference we ( Vivek, Sh Parmod Sir, Dr Akash Sir) got so much positive energy and vibrations which inspired us that it should be spread all around. After the conference got finished we reached to Colva Beach and started making aware to people about stammering and what we learnt in this NC.

We explained them about :-

» What is The Indian Stammering Association ?
» What is Stammering ?
» How it is caused ?
» How to help the person who stammers ?
» Views about stammering from their side.

We talked to some foreigners also about stammering and their views made us so much inspired and felt us so much unique which cannot be expressed in words. Their approach and understanding was very much positive.



At last we treated ourselves for the happiness of getting the very supportive feedback from the people.

I would like to give special Thanks to Sh. Parmod Kumar Sir and Dr.Akash Acharya Sir who also participated in this and made their full contribution.  


NC Goa 2016 : Amazing Stammering... (अद्भूत हकलाहट)

अपने सपनों को साकार होते हुए देखना हर व्यक्ति के लिए एक सुखद अनुभव होता है। टीसा द्वारा गोवा में 16-18 सितम्बर, 2016 को आयोजित नेशनल कान्फ्रेन्स में ऐसा ही नजारा देखने को मिला। अपनी विविधता (हकलाहट) का उत्सव मनाने के लिए देशभर से लगभग 100 से अधिक हकलाने वाले साथियों, अभिभावकों और दोस्तों की उपस्थिति ने माहौल को खुशनुमा बना दिया।

September 19, 2016

Thoughts on NH17....

A big Cheers to All,

         If you were in this NC, you would know how amazing these three days were! Not only because of meeting so many stammers in one place but also the scenic beauty. On the beach, when you look to the ocean and see its limits and still, the balance and the harmony in everything, you wonder how amazing creator must be. I am still in the "high" of greenery, breeze and sound of waves. A lot of new members have joined into our little world since me. Listening to tales about their struggles reminded me of what changes has come in me in these two years. This NC also brought back the beautiful memories of bunking classes when we left the conference hall and went for a walk on the beach(although I advise no one to do it).